THE SKIDS – RICHARD JOBSON – UNPLUGGED (Songs, Stories, Up Close & Personal)

A rare chance to see the iconic frontman alongside two members of Big Country.

From school punk to modern day film producer, Richard Jobson has lived a full & colourful life. 1977 at 15 years old he launched The Skids with his friend Stuart Adamson.

Hits including the immortal ‘Into The Valley’, ‘Working for The Yankee Dollar’, ‘Charade’, ‘Circus Games’ & their platinum selling album The Absolute Game.

4 hit albums later, The Skids folded, Stuart Adamson formed Big Country.

Joining Richard on Tuesday 5th April will be Bruce & Jamie Watson of Big Country who will perform many BIG country hits & favourites before joining Richard for acoustic renditions of his back catalogue.

Full regular menu, £35 music cover charge