Enjoy a selection of American Thanks Giving specials, lunch & dinner, along with our full regular menus. Amazing to think the Crooked Billet is older than America. Built in 1632, a small holding. Started selling beer in 1760, Richard Gill being the first publican. Early 1600’s immigrants & pilgrims started to settle in colonies around Plymouth Rock in Massachusetts and begun what we term America of today. Back in 1632 when they were plastering wattle & daub on the Crooked Billet walls we’d not yet seen turkey in Britain – yet to arrive from the Americas. Geese, swan, Herron & peacock being the celebration bird of choice. Thursday 28th November, celebrating American Thanks Giving turkeys on the menu. Maple glazed local free range privately educated bronze turkey from Tom & Brenda Copa’s Cookham farm, along with all those glorious Yankee Doodle accompaniments. Our full regular menu is offered Thanks Giving turkey as a main course special, some American starter specials including Clam Chowder, Pastrami, pickled cucumber & lentils, New England lobster chop salad. Dessert specials including Pecan Pie, New York cheesecake and brown sugar cinnamon crusted pumpkin pie. Robert Foley Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon & Alexander Valley bread & butter chardonnay at only £28 you have some delicious to chink glasses & toast with. Music Free dining at lunch time. In the evening Blues Guitaris BIG JOE BONE performing traditional old time American blues in the larger end dining room. music free dining in first 2 smaller rooms.

Full regular menu. £5 music cover charge.