They play traditional songs and tunes with some original compositions in a bluegrass style, with a lot of dynamics and a slice of jazz. With furious banjo, a groovy bass, beautiful harmonies and not forgetting the famous surprises! Founded in 2011, the duet have performed all over Europe and around the world in 25 countries! The band recorded there 3rd Album in 2017 : On the Mountain, a reunion of nostalgia of the golden age of Americana Folk Music and Blues.

Crazy Pony Show is a crossover between music, circus and comedy. This duet will take you on an intense and entertaining journey; virtuosic banjo picking and a charming bass with sweet harmonies meet acrobatics, contortion and incredible surprises leaving you on the edge of your seat and entranced! Created in 2011, the duo of French-speaking Swiss Léa Rovero and English Frank Powlesland, combine their talents and their love for Bluegrass to create this unique “one of a kind” show. Crazy Pony Show has already performed all over Europe and beyond, winning first prize in two competitions