A 4-piece acoustically electrifying orchestra playing gypsy & folk-flavoured music from all around the world; the BCO deliver traditional Balkan, Russian, Hungarian and Romanian traditional gypsy and folk music in their own fresh and surprising way with jazz nuances and their own unique arrangements and established by award-winning British composer, violinist and teacher Christian Garrick in 2009.

BCO are specialists of the ‘distilled concerto’: e.g. the Rachmaninov, Tchaikovsky and Greig Squeezebox Concertos and admired for their artful re-workings of masterpieces by the greats of the Romantic era. BCO has made a special bond with Scotlandia performing some 200 shows across the Highlands and Islands in touring extensively each year there since 2011 all crowned with the 2014 album The Gaelic Chronicles.

The Budapest Cafe Orchestra share as many blood cells with the folk of Hungary as the Penguin Cafe Orchestra do with the web-footed fellows of Antarctica. Their Magic Potion is a closely guarded recipe of malt, hops, yeast and water, handed down in the secret tongue of Estuary English through generations of Professional Gypsies. With a sole mission: to entertain and enchant audiences, they are undaunted by even the most demanding, wildest audiences!

£27 Music Cover Charge