Ben Waters & Friends

The king of Boogie Woogie piano. Keyboard royalty from one of the worlds most beautiful people. Ben’s Boogie journey started in the 80’s as Shaking Stevens pianist. Over the
decades Ben has become one of the worlds favourite & in demand Boogie pianist. Ben is a formidable talent & highly entertaining performer solo or with the Ben Waters Band. The ‘Go- to’ boogie pianist on hundreds of recording sessions for hundreds of artists. From Chuck Berry to the Kinks. In recent years Ben has collaborated with the Rolling Stones. Pianist in Charlie Watts Rhythm & Boogie ball. Ben, Charlie & Jools Holland
performing together on Jool’s TV show “Later” All the Stone’s, Mick, Keith, Ronnie, Charlie & Bill Wyman recorded/ performed at Bens 2011 ‘Blues for Stu’

£30 Music Cover Charge